Job Title: Assistant Rig Electrician

Closing Date: 14 October 2023

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The location of work is on board a Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit, may be required to work
at other company locations or suppliers’ premises as required.

Job Type:


Reporting Line:

The Assistant Rig Electrician will report directly to the Maintenance Supervisor.


The Assistant Rig Electrician will assist with, and be proactively involved with, monitoring and maintaining the integrity of all MODU Electrical, Electronic and Instrument (EEI) systems on board. Also, under supervision, be responsible for performing electrical/electronic preventative, corrective
and opportunity-based maintenance as per Maximo rig maintenance system or instructed
by the Rig Electrician and the Maintenance Supervisor, also responsible for monitoring,
energise and, de-energise of electrical equipment and lighting in a safe, efficient and
timely manner.

Key responsibilities:

A required responsibility will be to adhere to the company’s integrated Business
Management system to levels that will successfully achieve the requirements of all
interested parties including customer, regulatory and certification authorities/providers.

The Assistant Rig Electrician will be required to:
  • Assist in maintaining the supply and integrity of all MODU EEI systems.
  • Perform troubleshooting, repair and maintenance on all EEI equipment.
  • Ensure EEI spares inventory is maintained to ensure electrical integrity of a systems
    and report any shortfalls to the Rig Electrician.
  • Maintain workshop electrical equipment and tools to a high standard.
  • Perform daily visual inspections of equipment and respond accordingly to faults and
    report back to Rig Electrician.
  • Bring to the attention of maintenance department and rig management of any
    maintenance that could be scheduled to avoid impacting adversely on well
  • Assist with recording and maintaining accurate historical and certification record for
    all maintenance, repair and equipment replacement work.
  • Ensure accurate and complete handovers are given at shift and rotation changes.
  • Attend onshore/offshore meetings and training programs, as required.
Key outcomes:

Operational Excellence

  • MODU EEI power is always available to meet operational needs.
  • MODU EEI, assist in ensuring safety critical, maintenance backlog has no overdue
    work orders. Report to Rig Electrician and Maintenance Supervisor of any that are
  • Assist with any audits and inspections to ensure findings are closed within the
    agreed time schedule.
  • Well operations are never adversely impacted as a result of EEI maintenance.
  • EEI equipment rooms and electrical workshop housekeeping is to a high standard.

HSE Culture of Excellence

  • Actively promote and engage in the use of Well-Safe Solutions continuous
    improvement programs.
  • Support the investigation and review of all major reportable incidents, related to
    the EI systems.
  • Support the maintenance team in doing things right the first time, every time, and
    contribute positively to continual improvement activities on the MODU.
  • Assist with scheduling and conducting optimisation reviews within all EEI systems.
  • Participate in cross discipline hazard and improvement tours (HIT’s), always
    promote company interest in a positive manner.
Limits of authority:

Full responsibility for all operational activities within the philosophies and constraints laid out in the job description.

The company reserves the right to amend or change the activities listed, taking into account the job holder’s qualifications and experience to enable the business needs to be met.

Knowledge & Competency:


  • Valid UK survival mandatory training
  • Recognised qualification or technical accreditation in Electrical discipline.
  • Comp-Ex training level Ex 01-02
  • Completion of all training and certification requirements for offshore Assistant Rig
    Electrician as described in the Companies training matrix.
  • 2 years prior experience in supporting drilling operations, 1 years on MODU
  • Basic Computer Skills.


  • Comp-Ex training level Ex01-04
  • Higher education or degree in any of the EEI discipline