Job Title: Barge Engineer – Jack Up

Closing Date: 15 December 2023

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The location of work is on board a Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit (MODU), may be required
to work at other company locations or suppliers’ premises as required.

Job Type:


Reporting Line:

The Barge Engineer will report directly to the Offshore Installation Manager (OIM), with a functional reporting line to the Onshore Rig Manager.


The Barge Engineer will be responsible for all marine matters related to safe efficient operation of the MODU, including but not limited to, navigation, stability, weight distribution, maintaining the MODU within the variable deck loading and ensuring the loads do not exceed the units leg loadings.

Key responsibilities:

Key responsibilities are to include the facilitation and management of the company’s integrated Business Management system to levels that will successfully achieve the requirements of all interested parties including customer, regulatory and certification.

The Barge Engineer will be required to:
  • Ensure the rig and marine related safety critical barriers, as defined within the MODU safety case, are available, tested and verified in accordance with written scheme of verification.
  • Maintain daily records of deck, leg loading, bulk material, fuel and water levels, ensuring safe and efficient transfer of these and other deck cargos.
  • Complete daily stability and weight load calculations, conduct deck/compartment and tank soundings daily and as and when major deck load changes take place.
  • Maintain and review the rig’s statutory certification as required by class, flag and coastal state ensuring all renewal, due dates and shipyard visits are scheduled and delivered within the agreed timelines.
  • Responsible for the approval to approach of AHTV and supply vessels, to suit current operations, weather and sea conditions in addition to coordination of all loading and back-loading equipment to and from vessels.
  • Ensure the Management of change procedure is used to record, communicate and approve proposed deviations to non-routine barge & marine operations.
  • Ensure that deck crews are assigned work responsibilities on a shift by shift basis.
  • Provide training to crew as appropriate to develop the MODU systems, including the rigs jacking, bulk and preloading systems.
  • Attend pre-rig move meetings, review and execute rig move procedures for all planned moves.
  • Prior to any rig move, review the location site specific survey and confirm rig is within operating limits as to seabed state, soil conditions, anticipated penetration, rapid penetration risk, planned air gap and weather storm conditions that could be experienced location.
  • Oversea preloading operations as per rig move procedure.
  • Ensure spares are ordered in a timely manner for all marine and safety equipment.
  • Responsible for the maintenance of lifting gear register and equipment.
  • Monitor forecasted weather and make preparations in response to forecasted adverse weather conditions.
  • Provide clear and accurate reports of work status, log-out/isolations, prevailing weather and marine related activities to their relief.
  • Develop, review and action marine related maintenance procedures, verifying that they are fit for purpose.
  • Ensure all deck and marine related maintenance and minor repairs are scheduled to avoid adverse impact on scheduled well operations.
  • Ensure accurate and complete handovers are provided at the end of work cycle.
  • Attend onshore, or offshore meetings, planning events and training programs, as required.
Key outcomes:

Operational Excellence

  • Zero recordable incidents related to barge and marine related operations.
  • Fuel bunkering and barge marine related expense are consistently ≤ budgeted cost.
  • Marine operations have no negative impact on Well / Subsea operations.
  • Zero non-conformance reports, within barge and marine areas, exceed close out dates.
  • Required certification and competence is maintained valid.

HSE Culture of Excellence

  • Actively promote and engage in the use of Well-Safe Solutions continuous improvement programs.
  • Schedule and conduct cross functional area hazard and improvement tours (HIT’s)
  • Request and receive independent feedback on hi-potential barge and marine related HSE observations, unsafe practices/conditions, near misses.
  • Participate in the investigation and review of all major reportable incidents, within the barge and marine areas.
  • Schedule quarterly event to develop awareness of the barge and marine related critical areas and performance standards.
  • Contribute positively to continual improvement activities on the MODU.
Limits of authority:

Full responsibility for all operational activities within the philosophies and constraints laid out in the job description.

The company reserves the right to amend or change the activities listed, taking into account the job holder’s qualifications and experience to enable the business needs to be met.

Knowledge & Competency:


  • 5 years marine operations including two years proven experience as a Barge Engineer.
  • Three years’ experience working on a Jack up
  • Completion of all training and certification requirements for Barge Engineer position as described in the Companies training matrix.
  • Valid Barge Stability 1, 2 & 3 certification.
  • Prior experience in working in UK North Sea.
  • UK offshore survival mandatory training.


  • First degree in Marine or Engineering discipline
  • Secondary education to GSCE level