Pursuing a career within the energy sector?


The oil and gas industry is part of the wider energy sector and is a vital UK asset, providing 45% of UK energy needs

As we move towards the energy mix demanded to meet the UK net zero emissions target, oil and gas will play as key a role as ever;

  • The requirement for oil and gas as a secure energy supply will continue for years to come
  • The industry will continue to lead the way in reducing carbon emissions with an ambitious target to be net-zero by 2035.
  • Decommissioning is part of the natural lifecycle of the industry and a key contributor to delivering the net-zero future.
  • We will utilise our skills, knowledge, expertise, technologies, research strengths and supply chain to play a leading role in the move towards net zero. It’s all transferrable within the energy sector.

Decommissioning – It’s What We Do

Well Plug and Abandonment is what we do, and the future growth in this field is extensive.

  • An estimated £6.8 billion is forecast to be spent over the next decade on Well P&A
  • 2,624 wells are to be decommissioned across the North Sea.
  • 150 wells per year are forecast to be decommissioned in the UKCS.

The industry is here for the long term, it is changing and evolving providing opportunities for an exciting future career.

Be part of the change, be part of the challenge, be part of the solution.