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The oil and gas industry is a vital part of the energy mix, with 900 million barrels used in the UK during 2020 alone.* As alternative energy technologies mature, the proportion of oil and gas within the energy mix is anticipated to fall significantly as the UK decarbonises its economy.

As the industry progresses towards net zero emissions, many believe that oil and gas will continue to be a secure energy supply for years to come. Decommissioning is a key stage in the natural lifecycle of the industry, and a key aspect in reducing carbon emissions.

Well-Safe Solutions will utilise its skills, knowledge, expertise, research capabilities and supply chain to play a leading role in the energy transition, while also equipping its staff with skills which can be used throughout the industry and beyond.

*Data source: OGUK Energy Transition Outlook 2021

Decommissioning – it’s what we do

Well plug and abandonment is a key part of the energy transition. £16.6bn will be spent on decommissioning in 2021, representing 12% of industry expenditure.

  • Well decommissioning accounts for £8.2bn (50%) of total expenditure
  • 1,782 wells to be removed in total (1,083 platform, 582 subsea, 117 E&A)*

It’s a fascinating time to become part of the decommissioning industry. It’s here for the long-term, and enables career development through transferable skills.

Well-Safe Solutions are ready to meet a new generation of challenges. Are you?

*Data source: OGUK Decommissioning Insight 2021