Our Fleet

The Well-Safe Guardian



The Well-Safe Guardian is a highly efficient and very experienced Earl & Wright 700 series mid-water semi-submersible unit which has been optimised specifically for well decommissioning operations in the UK as part of multi-well, multi-operator well campaigns.

Well-Safe Solutions have applied lessons learned from the execution of over 500 decommissioned wells to ensure the Well-Safe Guardian is the perfect unit to execute all subsea well decommissioning work. Our Subsea Modular Abandonment Riser Technology (SMART) is specifically designed to put minimum stress on older wellheads and trees. The on-board 12 person Saturation Diving System (SDS) ensures solutions are found for older hydraulic and manual tree systems and complex decommissioning operations like section milling or casing removal, achieved using our 15Kpsi 18 3/4” BOP system. The Well-Safe Guardian is the perfect ‘single visit’ solution to North Sea well decommissioning projects.

With the ability to work in water depths to 1500ft, with full work-class ROV support, wellbore fluids handling systems, and integrated Section Milling Swarf Recovery, the Well-Safe Guardian includes full 15Kpsi cementing and wireline/slickline capability on board, and can be deployed to any well decommissioning operation.

After acquiring the Well-Safe Guardian in 2019, Well-Safe Solutions embarked on an extensive overhaul, modernisation and upgrade program in Port of Nigg, Scotland. Specifically, all Special Periodic Survey (SPS) work was completed, a full accommodation replacement carried out and a complete fabric maintenance program executed to ensure total readiness for the next ten years of offshore operations.


Saturation Diving System Operations

Deploying a 12-person saturation diving system from the Well-Safe Guardian eliminates the need for a Dive Support Vessel (DSV). Limiting the number of vessels in-field reduces simultaneous operations (SIMOPS) risks, removing the need for pre-work campaigns with other vessels.


Reducing time and cost by utilising a one MODU solution

The Guardian is a dedicated P&A asset: we don’t switch between drilling and workover to P&A – we only do P&A. Our highly-skilled crew specialises in well abandonment. Lessons learned are discussed, recorded and immediately implemented, enabling tangible, continuous improvement in operational delivery. Completing full well abandonment with a single vessel in one campaign yields significant savings from project planning through to execution.

The Well-Safe Protector


The Well-Safe Protector is a heavy-duty, harsh environment jack-up rig, with an extensive and enviable operational history in the North Sea.

Well-Safe Solutions have applied lessons learned from the execution of over 500 decommissioned wells to ensure the Well-Safe Protector is the perfect unit to execute platform and subsea well decommissioning work in water depth of up to 395ft.  The key benefits of this jack-up for P&A work include:

  • Aft crane capable of 16MT at 121ft, enabling simultaneous operations
  • Rig-owned platform interface system, with access via aft hull door to increase platform interfaces with all services available for interface tie-ins (power, water, air, etc.)
  • Huge available deck space for tubing, casing and conductor to allow batch operations without limitations
  • Robust, automated pipe handling to ensure year-round weather tolerance and uptime
  • Flexible tree/BOP handling capability with bridge cranes, moonpool crane and under cantilever trolley beams to increase efficiency
  • Section milling capability built-in
  • Rig floor equipment modifications specific to P&A, reducing daily spread rate and POB requirements

After acquiring the Well-Safe Protector in September 2020, Well-Safe Solutions invested in an upgrade and recertification programme, including a full 5-year Special Periodic Survey (SPS). The Protector is now ready to deploy specifically for enhanced plug and abandonment projects.