At Well-Safe Solutions, our people reflect our culture. Sharing their knowledge and lessons learned to provide a collaborative and open workplace. Over this series, we aim to take a look at some of our people and showcase their skills and benefit to not only Well-Safe Solutions but our industry as a whole.
Next up we meet Kevin Anderson, another one of our brilliant Well-Safe Guardian OIMs.


Kevin joined the Well-Safe team in June 2019 as a Barge Engineer onboard the Well-Safe Guardian where he was soon promoted to OIM. Bringing a positive attitude to the team, Kevin is always keen to develop the culture onboard the rig by sharing his knowledge and experience while approaching problem-solving activities with an analytical viewpoint to help drive efficiency. He continues to lead the team onboard the Well-Safe Guardian in their rig readiness schedule, ahead of departing the Firth in summer of this year.

How long have you been in the industry, and what made you pick a career in the Oil & Gas sector?

To date, I have now worked in the offshore drilling industry for nearly 14 years. I started in April 2007 as a roustabout working for an agency for three trips then was hired by the company. I worked there for 12 years, working my way up through the ranks to reach the Barge Supervisor position. In June 2019, I joined Well-Safe in the role of Barge Engineer and was subsequently promoted to OIM in October of that year.

I took a job in the offshore industry due to the downturn in the fishing industry. I had been in charge of my own fishing boat with my brother, but due to the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy combined with the reduction in days at sea and fishing quotas, I had made up my mind it was time for a fresh challenge and a different career route, even though I would still be surrounded by water 24hrs a day!

How does your previous work experiences help you at Well-Safe Solutions?

Due to my previous work experience in the fishing industry and then the drilling industry, I would like to think that I have gained lots of experience working with many different crews over the years. I have been mentored by some outstanding individuals and seen the other side of how not to do things in both industries.

Until you have worked in the industry, you cannot know how much your knowledge and experience can help others achieve their goals. Likewise, I have been fortunate enough to achieve my goals with help and support from others within the industry. When I started in the offshore drilling industry, nearly 14 years ago, my goal was to become an OIM; I have managed to achieve this goal, with a lot of hard work and knowledge that passed onto me from others, and for that, I will always be grateful.

Having previously worked on the Guardian for over 12 years before moving to another rig, my knowledge and experience of operations onboard can help us plan and achieve what the team focuses on delivering; a first-class well abandonment service and a complete package. We can provide this using our very own bespoke marine assets and experienced crew onboard the rig.

What efficiency enhancements do you bring to your department? 

Working in the offshore industry for over 34 years, both on boats and rigs, I have always had an analytical approach to problem-solving.

The words “This is the way it has always been done…” is something that always got my attention, as I found it was the attitude of many people over the years, they didn’t like change! By thinking outside the box and trying new ways of doing things, the industry has slowly realised that there are benefits to trying new approaches. These new approaches resulted in time savings, and when done safely and efficiently, these changes provide a benefit for all involved.

How is Well-Safe different for you, from other companies out there?

When I first got the opportunity to interview with the Well-Safe management, it was evident to me from the outset that joining Well-Safe could be something very special.

The HR team’s professional approach and senior management in town were very different from what I was used to. I was very eager to learn more about the company and what they were aiming to achieve. They certainly made me feel like an integral and valued member of the team from the first day I joined the company, and this has continued every day since.

The communication and planning from purchasing a warm stacked rig, moving the rig to the Shipyard at Nigg and carrying out the five-yearly SPS with the small team we had was nothing short of amazing. This was a team that had never worked together before, with a brand new company and rig. We hit the ground running, getting the 5-yearly inspection completed both safely and efficiently before moving the rig back out into the Firth. This project’s success has only been achieved with the leadership skills of both onshore and offshore supervisors, and all the crews that have been involved in the project since joining the Well-Safe team; which I am delighted to be part of.