Job Title: Trainee HSE Adviser


Closing Date: 19 October 2023

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Well-Safe Solutions, Aberdeen, though there may be a requirement to visit and work at other company locations or supplier’s premises as required.

Job Type:


Reporting Line:

The Trainee HSE Adviser will report directly to the HSE Manager.


The Trainee HSE Adviser will include the understanding of the required
facilitation and management of the company’s integrated Business Management system to
levels that will successfully achieve the requirements of all interested parties including
customer, regulatory and certification authorities/providers.

Key responsibilities:
The Trainee HSE Adviser will be required to:
  • Learn, understand and demonstrate competency to provide support to and
    maintain any applicable HSE audit and business improvement plans
  • Learn, understand and demonstrate competency in the act of facilitating and
    supporting independent verification bodies, approval bodies, regulatory
    requirements, external providers and/or interested party audit and
    assessment activities
  • Learn and demonstrate competency in the provisions of conducting
    successful on-boarding safety leadership inductions
  • Understand the process for, monitoring of and supporting the timely close
    out of Non-Conformances, Corrective Actions and Management of Change
  • Provide support as required to any Quality and HSE Investigations, Root
    Cause Analysis and the ongoing monitoring of preventative measures
  • Demonstrate communication skills required to effectively participate in any
    Quality or HSE investigations and the required evidence gathering process
  • Continue to improve understanding of the role, continue to increase HSE
    Knowledge and completion of any competence initiatives
  • Demonstrate the ability to provide guidance and support to asset transition
    planning and associated activities
  • Attend and as required, participate in HAZOP, HAZID, SIMOP’s sessions and
    be able to demonstrate a clear understanding of risk to personnel, operations
    business, and its reputation
  • Understand and provide guidance to SEMS related plans as per documented
    procedures and provide input and guidance to environmental aspects of the
    working activities
  • Understand the required content, review and maintain as required Safety
    Cases and SEMS. Demonstrate understanding of the regulatory
    requirements surrounding safety case submission, acceptance and review
  • Learn, understand and be able to demonstrate support for the company
    Emergency response procedures and duties
  • Act as a role model and provide support and mentoring onshore and offshore
    HSE resources as required in relation to the company safety culture to include
    manual handling, risk assessment, risk perception, fire safety, DSE
    assessments, procedural discipline and company expectations
  • Learn, understand and demonstrate provisions for support relating to Marine
  • Support Occupational Health and Environmental monitoring
  • Understand and demonstrate the importance of offshore safety reps and
    associated legal requirements
Key outcomes:

HSE Culture of Excellence

Through proactive Human factors & Behavioural based safety methodologies,

  • Inductions completed to meet the on boarding schedule(s)
  • Accident/Incident prevention through Improved Hazard identification and
    control initiatives
  • Inductions completed to meet the on boarding schedule(s)
  • Effective reporting and responses to observations raised through the SEMS
    reporting systems (i.e. 0 repeat reports)
  • Proactive monitoring and engagement with Contractors/External providers

SEMS compliance

  • Provide proactive and reactive monitoring of performance and engagement
    with personnel,
  • Reporting and close out of SEMS actions in accordance with agreed
  • Support as required the provision of Management reports in line with agreed
  • Support verification and Approval body compliance (i.e. 0 x Major N/C)
  • Support the provision of HSE deliverables required as part of Project HSE
  • Support company compliance with approval body and regulatory requirements
    (i.e. ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, 45001:2018)
Limits of authority:

Full responsibility for all operational activities within the philosophies and constraints laid out in the job description.

The company reserves the right to amend or change the activities listed, taking into account the job holder’s qualifications and experience to enable the business needs to be met.

Knowledge & Competency:


  • Correct mindset to enable full and clear understanding of the role
  • Communication, consideration and understanding and be able to deliver
    suggestions in a leading and guiding manner


  • Previous understanding of the role of a HSE individual and their expectations