Job Title: Trainee Subsea Engineer


Closing Date: 6 June 2023

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This trainee position will not be assigned to a specific mobile offshore drilling unit (MODU). There will be a requirement for the position to visit and carry out their duties on all Well-Safe Solutions assets.

Job Type:


Reporting Line:

The Trainee Subsea Engineer will report directly to the Assistant Subsea and Subsea Engineer.

As part of the subsea department, the Trainee Subsea Engineer has an important relationship with the rig crew and the client representative onboard regarding related subsea issues.


The Trainee Subsea Engineer will assist within the subsea department on-board the vessel they are seconded to. Responsibilities are the running and retrieval, maintenance and repair of the blowout preventer (BOP) stack. They will also be expected to support control and support systems, well control equipment, the motion compensating system and transport and handling equipment. Duties also include maintenance and repair of associated hydraulic and mechanical systems as well as monitoring and assisting all rig subsea operations, while ensuring compliance with company policies and procedures.

The Trainee Subsea Engineer will communicate regularly with other departments as well as the OIM and client via the Assistant and Subsea Engineer.

Key responsibilities:
The Trainee Subsea Engineer will be required to:
  • Comply with the Well-Safe Solutions Code of Conduct and supporting policies, standards and applicable process documentation.
  • Comply with and effectively contribute to the continuous improvement of Well-Safe Solutions Management System, Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) related policies and procedures, and relevant authority regulatory requirements.
  • Effectively participate in Well-Safe Solutions safety programs and encourage active participation
  • Perform all work according to agreed expectations of both internal and external customers, focus on doing things right first time, every time and contribute actively to continual improvement activities.
  • Under instruction from the Subsea Engineer, assist running and pulling the Riser and BOP as operations permit.
  • Carry out daily and weekly and pre-deployment checks as per Well-Safe standards.
  • Assist with the maintenance of well control related equipment including the BOP, Control System, Marine Riser and Tensioning System, DSC and Choke Manifold.  Ensure equipment is maintained in a safe and reliable condition and repair if required. Report any defects in a timely manner.
  • Carry out regular testing of the BOP and Control System including function and pressure testing operations.  These must comply with Well-Safe Solutions policy and safety procedures/regulations.
  • Assist with the operation and maintenance of subsea auxiliary equipment onboard (i.e. running tools, BOP Cranes, Xmas Tree and BOP Transporters).
  • Monitor the inventory of all spares and operating fluids (ensuring the correct component/model and sizing) required for all subsea related equipment onboard. Report back to the Subsea Engineer with any short falls.
  • Keep replacement parts at an optimum stock level; Spot check inventory levels.
  • Assist and get involved with investigations of equipment failures and propose solutions to prevent recurrence.
  • Carry out all subsea calculations including Riser Space‐out, MRT Ton Cycles, Riser Tension calculations, Subsea Useable Fluid Capacities, etc in long hand. This to be checked and signed off by Subsea Engineer.
  • Involvement with the development and implementation of Work Instructions.
  • Clearly and accurately communicate work status at end of shift and end of hitch handovers to the Subsea engineer and back to back Assistant Subsea
  • Undertake training onshore and offshore to comply with the Training Matrix.
  • Complete Well-Safe Solutions’ competence training programme and assignments within the timeframe allocated
Key outcomes:
  • Safety and team oriented.
  • Enthusiastic, self-motivated, dynamic and a proactive attitude
  • Always promotes the Well-Safe Solutions interest in a positive manner
  • Commitment, leadership and accountability especially in HSE matters.
  • Assist in training and coaching subordinates during operations
Limits of authority:

Full responsibility for all operational activities within the philosophies and constraints laid out in the job description.

The company reserves the right to amend or change the activities listed, taking into account the job holder’s qualifications and experience to enable the business needs to be met.

Knowledge & Competency:


  • High school or diploma or equivalent.
  • Previous experience offshore
  • Self-motivated


  • Previous experience with similar subsea systems
  • Ability to read and understand technical drawings