HSE Principles

It is the policy of Well-Safe Solutions to conduct all business activities in a responsible manner, which assures the health, safety and security of people, preservation of the environment and compliance with all applicable health, safety, environmental, security, legal and regulatory requirements in countries where we operate.


Health and Safety Policy

Environmental Policy

Organisation and Arrangements
  • Developing Polices that create, influence and encourage positive HSE culture, behaviour and performance
  • Establishing arrangements to enable and maintain the effectiveness of HSE Management within the company
  • Identifying and responding to opportunities to support company and industry HSE improvement initiatives and campaigns
  • Ensuring that arrangements and organisation are in place to achieve and succeed compliance requirements
Hazard and Risk Controls
  • Identify and respond to Hazards in advance to allow the implementation of effective risk control measures
  • Support all permit to work requirements
  • Ensure that all risks are reduced to levels that are As Low as Reasonably Practical (ALARP)
  • All personnel have the authority to stop work where Hazards or levels of risk heighten to allow for further measures to be identified and employed
Employee and Contractor Engagement
  • Developing positive, constructive and effective communications between all interested parties
  • Implementing a reporting structure to support HSE Improvements
  • Recognising initiatives that achieve HSE compliance and effectiveness
  • Engagement of Safety Committees and Safety Representatives
Training and Competence
  • Provision of training and skills required to conduct tasks safely and effectively
  • Continuous development of skilled and competent personnel, providing knowledge of the organisation and its activities
  • Assessment and Monitoring of employee and key external provider competence to ensure that high levels are achieved and maintained
  • Training and Development of personnel to support HSE culture within the company
Plan and Implement
  • Prior to projects and operations sufficient allocation to be made to allow the safe, efficient and effective planning of HSE operations and activities in compliance with all relevant standards
  • Communication of planning content to be conducted with all interested parties* and evidence collected of understanding
  • Personnel to take responsibility for Health, Safety and Welfare for themselves and others who may be affected by their activities/actions
  • Changes to planned arrangements are to be managed and controlled to ensure they have the correct authorisations and are communicated to all interested parties

*Note: Interested parties can include: Employees, Contractors, Members of the Public and Visitors

External Party Management
  • Identifying, Evaluating and Employing External Providers/Suppliers who can demonstrate compliance with relevant standards
  • Identifying and Employing External Providers/Suppliers who can demonstrate the levels of performance required achieve the HSE requirements of WSS and its Clients
  • Ongoing monitoring of External Party performance to verify that levels of HSE are achieved
  • Commitment to ensuring that External Providers identify, manage and control environmental impacts (i.e. Air, Land, Sea Emissions, Waste Management.)
Assessment Inspection and Audit
  • Audit and Inspection plans to be developed in consideration of the Hazards and Risks presented
  • Report findings to be communicated and corrective actions identified and implemented as applicable
  • Effectiveness of all corrective actions to be verified prior to close out
  • Assessment and Monitoring of employee and external provider performance and actions implemented to ensure that they Champion the HSE values of Well Safe Solutions and/or those of its client(s)
Performance Analysis and Improvement
  • HSE Aims and Objectives are identified and introduced in accordance with the requirements of Well-Safe Solutions, its clients and those required by authority figures
  • HSE Performance reports to be collated and reports provided to management for review and action
  • In considering and introducing improvements, communication with all interested parties to be maintained to support successful implementation and for feedback on their effectiveness
  • Performance analysis and results of ongoing performance to be published to the WSS personnel and its clients as required