Energy Transition

Our in-house expert team are experienced in supporting international projects throughout the energy sector with a solution tailored to your project requirements.

We apply our full Tier 1 capability, backed by Well-Safe Solutions’ fleet of rigs and international footprint, to deliver wells for CCUS and geothermal activity – from initial design and engineering right through to project execution.

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Helping our clients to meet their climate change commitments by working together for a sustainable future.

Well-Safe Solutions’ commitment to a sustainable energy transition helps operators address the challenge of climate change while they develop alternative energy sources.

Wells are what we do, and well decommissioning is the first step in the energy transition.

To support the industry’s focus on net zero carbon emissions, Well-Safe Solutions offers a range of CCUS project capabilities, including:

  • Well plug and abandonment for CCS projects
  • Legacy well review, including subsurface basis of design (SSBoD) philosophy
  • Legacy well remediation
  • Repurposing of wells, including slot recovery, sidetrack well drilling and recompletion
  • Drilling of new CO2 injection and monitoring wells


The foundation of all well projects and a key enabler of energy transition activity, our subsurface team delivers reservoir characterisation studies in support of decarbonisation.

From a single well to a multi-field project, we tailor our approach to the unique requirements of each client and every well.


Carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) refers to the technologies which enable CO2 to be removed from the atmosphere. It is injected into geological formations and permanently locked away in a suitable storage reservoir, such as a deep saline aquifer or depleted oil and gas field.

Our CCUS capabilities include legacy well reviews, remediation, repurposing and the drilling and completion of new wells for CO2 injection and monitoring.


Geothermal wells are vital sources of renewable energy on the journey to net zero carbon emissions. 

Well-Safe Solutions draws upon its significant well design and drilling knowledge and experience in geothermal project delivery to manage and deliver high-value, high coefficient of performance-projects – including the repurposing of existing wells for reuse as geothermal energy sources.

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