The P&A Clubs


Well-Safe Solutions have established five multi-well, multi-operator campaigns in the form of P&A clubs. The clubs deliver value to operators and their shareholders through safe and efficient operations, cost minimisation and cost certainty. Joining the P&A Clubs provides long term cost certainty, with an open book, bonus/malus commercial offering to ensure complete alignment project goals.
The five clubs can be distinguished by the abandonment unit or vessel deployed; each owned and operated by Well-Safe and dedicated to well plug and abandonment activity:

  • Land Rig
  • Jack-up
  • Semi Sub
  • Deep Water Vessel
  • LWIV


Club membership of any type clearly brings advantages to members, and the P&A clubs are no exception.
The P&A clubs, in addition to creating a network of information sharing and collaboration, bring tangible benefits, including:

  • Access to proven experience that delivers safe and efficient projects
  • Transparent pricing to deliver long-term cost predictability and minimisation
  • The ability for operators to optimise the allocation of their resources to value added activities, with the knowledge that their well abandonments are in safe hands
  • The capacity to manage cash flow across multiple years, to suit company budgets and funding
  • The capability to have short notice access to abandonment assets to resolve well stock integrity challenges
  • The facility to add a single or small number of wells to a campaign and gain the benefits of this scope aggregation
  • Access to a technology platform that members can use and support